Don McCumber, "Woodkayaker"

This blog is designed to whet your appetite for exploration.

I typically conduct tours that depart from the Pine Island, Sanibel, Cape Coral, Ft. Myers, Naples, and Everglades City areas. Contact me to plan a day trip, kayak fishing expedition or a real adventure that will take us many miles and many fascinating places.

I can be reached at


4 Responses to “About Don McCumber”

  1. Sam Peters Says:

    Hi Don, I met you at the Friends of the Fakahatchee welcome back dinner last fall, Charles introduced us.
    I ran across your blog and read an article on Fisheating Creek, which I am interested in and planning a trip to during August-depending on the water level. Nice to see you here. Sam

    • Woodkayaker Says:

      Hi Sam! Thank you for the comment! The water level should be plenty high in August, with the summer rains. At times, it can be hard to tell where the actual channel is. The creek goes way beyond, and into the surrounding cypress forest. If you follow the main flow, you should be fine. Fisheating Creek Outfitters offers 2 different shuttles upstream. They will transfer your own boats, or rental boats. Have fun! It is a beautiful place.

  2. John holdren Says:

    Hi Don, I met you at Camelia Grille when I toured with Bill and Mary. Enjoy your blog

    • Woodkayaker Says:

      Hi John! It was nice to meet you, at Camelia Street Grill, the Oyster House, and on Pavilion Key too!
      (I was starting to feel like I was being a “stalker” – LOL!!!)

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