Beginning kayak fishers may read the blogs and reports that I write, watch the You Tube videos, etc., and get the impression that this is an established sport, and that anyone with a kayak and a fishing rod can go out and do it. I do not mean to give that impression.

Fishing for shark, tarpon, amberjack, cobia, etc. from kayaks is NOT for the uninitiated. There are real risks, and real dangers involved. Sure, it’s exciting, but it is “extreme kayak fishing”. When you go after these, and other large species, you are dealing with an apex predator that is capable of putting a real hurt on you when things go wrong. You need to know the risks, and be prepared… and even then, things can still go wrong. If you are thinking about doing extreme kayak fishing, then you need to understand that you are taking the risks upon yourself. I understand that, and accept that.

I am not new to kayaking. I have been kayaking for about 20 years, and have experienced extreme conditions of wind, waves, weather, and currents. I am fairly new to kayak fishing – less than 10 years – but I bring my years of kayaking experience to the sport of kayak fishing.

Any kayak fisher, fishing in any water, can encounter dangers.

Wear a PFD. Have a knife handy to free yourself from entanglement, or to cut away from something that is too much to deal with. Have a first aid kit close at hand, including ways to stop bleeding, and some pliers capable of cutting hooks or leader wire. If you don’t have a VHF radio, or at the very least, a waterproof pouch for your cell phone, get one. Fish with a buddy – that’s what forums, such as the one that No Motor Angler’s Club has (my local club), are all about.  A great place to “hook up” with other kayak anglers.

I take some risks – but I am responsible for my own risks. I am not responsible for yours. Before I inspire anyone to go out there and try to duplicate some of the things that I do, you need to have a clear understanding of what is involved – what you might be getting yourself into. Extreme kayak fishing is NOT for everybody.  Be safe out there.